Ecstatic Marches

Another remarkable feature of the apparitions introduced about the same time was the ecstatic march. With their heads thrown back in that characteristic fashion and unable to see where they were going, the girls would march, arm in arm, without the slightest difficulty either frontward or backwards over very hazardous terrain and sometimes at a  pace so rapid that onlookers were unable to keep up with them.

Ecstatic Marches   Ecstatic Marches Garabandal   Children Ecstatic Marches

Witness Senorita Ascension de Luis described in a written statement dated March,18, 1962, one of these “flights” from the village up the steep rocky incline to a grove of pine trees on a bluff overlooking the village. “… The child went up the lane and descended again backwards at an incredible speed.”

Ecstatic Marches Miracles Garabadnal

Sometimes the children would resemble airplanes in flight as they seemingly flew across the terrain with their arms extended, touching the ground with only the very tips of their toes.