Irish Garabandal Centre History

The history of the Irish Garabandal Centre dates back to 1969. An American, Charles Horan, placed a letter in a leading Irish newspaper outlining the events that had occurred at Garabandal. He invited readers to a slide presentation and lecture in Dublin to learn more about the Divine intervention, through Mary, at Garabandal.

Among the many people who responded to Charles Horan’s letter were a suburban couple, Richard T. (Dick) Stanley and his wife, Maura. This lecture was to mark the beginning of life long work by two dedicated and committed people to the cause of the Garabandal movement in Ireland.

As news of the Apparitions spread and the number of voluntary workers and supporters continued to grow, it was decided to form an Irish National Committee to promulgate the Message of Garabandal on a more formal, not for profit basis, among the Irish people: soon a purpose designed National Garabandal Centre for Ireland, aptly named “The Pines”, was established in Dublin with distribution centres in various parts of the country.

Irish Garabandal Centre History

Supporters and volunteers at the National Centre carry out the essential administrative tasks such as responding to letters, dealing with ‘phone calls and queries and despatching copies of the official magazine ” Garabandal ” * to subscribers and other members of the public interested in learning more about the Message of Our Lady of Garabandal.

The National Committee meets regularly to review progress and to discuss and implement new plans to spread the Message of Garabandal in Ireland. A special feature of the religious activities organised by the Committee is the bi – annual processions in honour of Our Lady in Dublin city centre and throughout Ireland.

The founders and supporters of the Irish movement are deeply indebted to Joey Lomangino and his colleagues and friends from the New York Centre for the invaluable support and encouragement received from them over the years. Joey and his colleagues visited Ireland on no fewer than nine consecutive yearly occasions during the 1970’s to give a series of lectures throughout Ireland to promote the Message of Garabandal.