Fr. Luis Andreu

Many priests came to the village of Garabandal to observe the children in ecstasy. One such priest was a Jesuit, Fr. Luis Maria Andreu.

Fr. Luis Andreu   Fr. Luis Andreu Garabandal

On the night of August 8, 1961, as Fr. Luis was watching the girls in ecstasy, he too was granted the privilege of seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary and also the great Miracle to come. Those who were near him that night heard him repeat four times ” a miracle,a miracle!” and remarked as to the profound expression on his tear stained face. He was the only person during the ecstasies to have had a preview of the miracle and the only other person aside from the four girls to see the Blessed Virgin.

Fr. Luis Andreu Miracle Our Lady

On the drive home from Garabandal with friends that night ( August 8 ) and early the next morning, he exclaimed “… What a wonderful present the Virgin has given me! How lucky to have a mother like that in Heaven! We shouldn`t be afraid of the supernatural….” To day is the happiest day of my life!” Shortly after pronouncing these words, he died of joy.